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Welcome to our Lab - Heisenberg group subcellular pathophysiology

The group is headed by Prof. Dr. med Catherine Meyer-Schwesinger at the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Physiology - University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Our expertise lies in the field of protein homeostasis with focus on protein degradation. We specialize in in vivo studies and translation, primary cell culture modeling, renal cell isolation, high resolution confocal  microscopy and more.  Here are some of our research topics. For more please click on "Research & Expertise".


We are studying the mechanisms of glomerular cell injury and recovery with the ultimate goal to understand the disease pathways accounting for resident glomerular cell injury and disease progression.

Renal cell (patho)physiology


Our team is investigating the glomerular cell-type specific dependence on the different protein degradation systems and their function in cell physiology and pathophysiology.


Our research group is examining the impact of proteasomal degradation for the development of autoimmunity and in the orchestration of an immune reaction.